What are the properties of waterproof and breathable membranes for wooden house structural roofs

In the current wooden house construction, in order to ensure that the wooden house has a good waterproof and breathable property, now everyone uses a waterproof and breathable membrane outside the wooden house. The waterproof and breathable membrane used in the wooden house construction is a modified polyolefin membrane and a reinforced non-woven fabric, which meets the international environmental protection requirements.

1. It has good waterproof performance, effectively prevents wind and rain from invading the room, and improves living comfort. The waterproof breathable membrane is called a breathable membrane. It has excellent breathability, which allows water vapor to be quickly discharged, reduces indoor humidity, and is effective Avoid the formation of mold and condensation, thereby greatly improving the comfort of the living environment and improving the durability of the building.

2. Energy-saving heat preservation can effectively prevent the intrusion of hot and cold air to achieve energy-saving and heat preservation functions. Used in conjunction with glass wool, it can effectively prevent water vapor from penetrating into the insulation layer and form a comprehensive protection for the insulation layer. At the same time, condensation caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can also be used with the good ventilation function of the waterproof and breathable membrane to quickly discharge water vapor to ensure The effect of the insulation layer achieves the effect of continuous energy saving.

3. Tear resistance, wear resistance, low temperature flexibility.

4. It has excellent anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging characteristics. After three months of outdoor exposure in summer, it still maintains good product performance, and the product is durable.

Generally speaking, the waterproof and breathable membrane used on the outside of the wooden house building is soft, light and thin, easy to construct, and not easy to leave a dead corner in the construction. When you use it, you can follow the pace of technology and use it appropriately.


Post time: 15-09-21