The United States often encounters tornadoes, why not use reinforced concrete to build houses? The answer is hard to think of broadcasting

Our country’s houses are very sturdy. They are built of steel and concrete. This way, even if it is an earthquake, if it is not particularly destructive, they can be withstood. Compared to the United States, their wooden houses are very weak. Up. In the United States, typhoons often occur. Just imagine if they build a house like ours, would they not be swept away? Don’t you understand that Americans would rather have a wooden house blown away than build a concrete house? Today I will talk about what they think.
Most of the houses in the United States are made of wood, but there are many reinforced concretes in the city center. Tornadoes in the United States frequently break out in summer, and everything on the street can be swept away at every turn. Everyone must be well aware of its power. The reason why Americans like wooden houses is actually because they are relatively cheap.
Most of the American wooden houses are in the suburbs, basically their own small courtyards. If they want to build concrete houses, this approach not only costs a lot, but also requires a professional team to design for him, and American Tornadoes are very frequent. It is possible that the second tornado will come before the concrete house is built, which is even more dangerous.
Americans pay attention to hands-on ability. Sometimes they can see the whole family mobilize and go to the woods to cut down trees to build a house, so that they can build whatever house they want, and they can also enjoy the fun of building a house with their family. At the same time, the cost is low, and large-scale machinery and equipment are not required. Although the wooden house is warm in winter and cool in summer, it is easy to attract small animals nearby.

In short, Americans like to build wooden houses, more because of the environmental factors here. At the same time, life in wooden houses is more like a country life. The whole family lives here and enjoys a happy life.

Post time: 21-12-21